*aggressively cares about you but doesn’t want to be clingy about it*

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"and maybe you gave him
more love
than his heart could hold."

'capacity' by Della Hicks-Wilson (via dellahickswilson)


you come in to to my house, disrespect my waifu…

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Water Cake

A Japanese bakery, Kinseiken Seika, is cooking up a storm and it’s getting all over the world wide web.

The dessert they are cooking up is the mizu shingen mochi and it is a rice cake that is made out of… you guessed it water from the Japanese Alps.

A Tweet from a customer said that the dessert “has a pleasant natural sweetness… (and) goes incredibly smoothly down your throat.” 


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She takes the hearts of multiple men

To fill up the empty space

Where a single man had stolen her own

And left without a trace.


Legend of the Heartless Heartstealer came to be

"She loved him.
He loved her.
But what they didn’t know
Was that they loved one another.
So they went on with their lives
Only wishing, never knowing
That the person laying beside them
Could have been each other."

Oblivious to Fate
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